Residence Hall

The residence halls are composed of four room suites on Pepperdine University’s Campus. Each suite is equipped with a shared living area and bathroom. Students will stay two to a room, eight to a suite. Each student will have a bed, desk and closet space. The dormitory has lounge space, soda/water machines and a lobby on the first floor, equipped with a television and a fireplace. Sheets, a blanket, a pillow and bath towels will be provided. Rooms are not air conditioned because they are situated over the Pacific Ocean and the cool ocean breezes keep the temperature down in the evenings. The dormitory is not set up for wireless internet. Coin operated laundry facilities are available for weekend use to students spending multiple weeks with us. Mentors can help the students with their laundry, and detergent can be purchased at the student store. Meals will be served at Wave’s Cafe on campus.