With a Team & Mentor approach to hands-on learning, here students work with industry professionals to create short-form digital content for portfolios, websites and social media platforms. Students learn how to translate their concept and ideas into visual storytelling while learning craft essentials for film production. Working with actors, set etiquette and planning the shoot are highlights of our programs.

Selected works may be seen by Hollywood influencers and promoted through studio channels. With a curriculum created in partnership with top Hollywood influencers and coursework conducted on a real studio lot, this three-week Film Production program empowers the fundamentals of the craft with classes on story structure, lighting, operating the camera, editing and uploading high-definition short films to your personal website, web channels or social media sites.

All Film Production participants create three pieces of original digital content including a black and white silent short, a scene and an interdisciplinary group project collaboratively produced amongst peers and guided by an industry mentor. Filmmakers’ collaborative projects are specifically designed to champion a supportive and thriving relationship between production and talent in support of delivering a robust and unique story.

Coursework offers an overview of the following:

The director holds a film’s artistic and dramatic vision, and makes decisions on how to tell a story visually. Our Directing students learn to work with and behind the camera, while collaborating with actors and other professionals. Coursework offers insights on basic lighting, sound, editing, storyboarding, art direction and more.

From securing the rights to raising the funds, the producer makes a film happen. Students first learn the basics of filmmaking to later move to producing specific courses on budgeting, securing locations, permitting, pitching, fundraising, and the essentials of building a production book.

A good script with a solid structure is key to any good movie. Our Screenwriting students are trained to think visually by learning the basics of filmmaking, before working specifically on writing short screenplays in Writing Labs. They also learn to write treatments, to develop material from improvisation, and to communicate their ideas to directors.

With coursework based in Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe Premiere) software, students learn the finer points of strengthening storytelling through editing. Students are also exposed to basic directing and screenwriting skills for a sharpened understanding of the entire production process.

We want our students to embrace the digital age and understand that true innovation requires delivery. To do this, we empower ENTREPRENEURSHIP so you become adept at managing personal and professional brands, making the most of networking opportunities and ingratiating yourself in the business. With us, you’ll gain the tools necessary to bring your “A” game when walking onto a set or into an audition or meeting.

INSTRUCTION: Campers are trained by professional Hollywood filmmakers working, individuals who are both passionate about fostering the next-generation of storytellers and uniquely qualified to offer up-to-date and real-world techniques and insights into this ever-evolving industry.