Editors are storytellers too! The final stage of the cinematic journey is post production. That’s right folks, we’re talking about the magic of Editing. This is the time when everyone’s hard work is stitched together to create a masterpiece of storytelling. The editors job is one of the hardest of the production pipeline – because here is where the story comes to life.

This is an essential skill for any filmmaker. It’s specifically designed to arm students with post production’s core considerations, a necessity not only for editors, but for directors, producers, and actors alike. Why? Because understanding the final and most transformative element of filmmaking allows for artists to deliver their intended story or performance more accurately.

Students will explore both techniques and aesthetic elements of editing through hands-on usage of Adobe Premiere software. Workshop themes will include film analysis and discussion, strong story arc, character development, pacing, shot selection, cutting, cinematic “tricks”, sound and music usage, post workflow, and more.

Campers are trained by professionals working in motion picture and television, individuals who are both passionate about fostering the next-generation of storytellers and uniquely qualified to offer up-to-date and real-world techniques and insights into this ever-evolving industry.