A Documentary Film has the power to change the world. Produce a short documentary on a working Studio lot this summer under the mentorship of documentarians who are changing the world!

Learn the effective techniques of this revolutionary storytelling device. Choose your subject, ask a big question, find the theme and learn how to visually support and strengthen your unique point of view. Skilled documentarians are journalistic investigators with the capability of funneling their creativity to showcase a niche subject deserving of public awareness.

During this week long course, you will learn to take a look at story-shaping, precision of concept, documentary structure (both visual and plot-related) and techniques for tackling socially transformative questions in service of the story.

Students will complete a collaboratively produced short documentary which will be screened at the week’s end “work in progress.”

Campers are trained by professionals working in motion picture and television, who are
both passionate about fostering the next-generation of storytellers, and uniquely qualified to offer up-to-date and real-world techniques and insights into this ever-evolving industry.