Commercial dance is taking the world by storm. From shows like So You Think You Can Dance to the esteemed team behind Gaga herself – commercial dancers are become more ingrained in the entertainment industry than ever before.

This one-week intensive course is for intermediate and advanced dancers who are looking to add industry know-how to their dance tool-box. US Performing Arts long-standing relationship with top choreographers and dance teachers offers attendees a chance to work with some of the medium’s foremost personalities. This intensive workshop will hone the dancer’s craft and empower dynamic technique, strong storytelling and performance skills, and a true understand of what it is to be a part of the commercial dance industry.

Attendees have daily exposure to exclusive choreographers and industry professionals through daily master workshops and mentored guidance in on set-etiquette, audition technique and preparation, basic filmmaking and self-taping know-how.

INSTRUCTION: Campers are trained by professional choreographers and dancers working in commercial markets worldwide, individuals who are both passionate about fostering the next-generation of storytellers and uniquely qualified to offer up-to-date and real-world techniques and insights into this ever-evolving industry.