This Acting for the Camera program introduces students to fundamental approaches of living truthfully under imaginary circumstances – as applies to screen work. With this solid foundation, students practice camera-techniques from day one and learn to adapt their performances for lens capture. Our acting classes are designed to build and reinforce solid technique, with emphasis on developing honesty, believability, commitment, and camera savvy.

The three-week formula is structured to empower attendees with not only cutting-edge, camera-specific, technique, but a deep understanding of what it means to be an actor in Hollywood. Students work in front of the camera every day, increasing their understanding of what makes them unique in the world of movie making and storytelling. This is reinforced through classes in acting techniques, improvisation, voice and movement and audition best-practices. Considerable practical on-set time is allotted to put theory into practice and work on student film projects. It’s an interweaving of skill and business-savvy that sets attendees up to confidently, holistically, and skillfully accomplish their dreams.

All Acting for the Camera participants create three pieces of original digital content including a monologue, a partner scene and an interdisciplinary group project collaboratively produced amongst peers and guided by an industry mentor. These projects are specifically designed to foster the type of actor working continuously in today’s industry – one who is both a technical power-house and an established content creator able to reach his or her audience on their own terms.

INSTRUCTION: Campers are trained by professional actors working in Hollywood today – individuals who are both passionate about fostering the next-generation of storytellers and uniquely qualified to offer up-to-date and real-world techniques and insights into this ever-evolving industry.