What do THE BIG BANG THEORY, BLACK-ISH, YOUNG STANLEY, WILL & GRACE, BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, and MODERN FAMILY have in common? You guessed it! They are all situation comedies! US Performing Arts is proud to offer the only Sitcom Writing/producing/directing Camp in the country.

The Sit Com Writing/producing/directing camp is one of the most popular workshops every summer. Television is writer/producer driven and you will get an opportunity to learn about writing character and situation comedies that parallel the programs we have grown up with. You will learn what is funny and what is not…what works for a joke and what doesn’t, and how a sketch is different from a story comedy while the entire time you are learning to develop character through situation and humor. Designed for the serious writer who also wants to understand producing and directing, you will examine structures of situation comedies past and present and work side by side with the master writers of the current sitcom world. This workshop collaborates with the Sitcom Acting Workshop in the staging and performance of your original scripts under the guidance and experience of a seasoned professional director in an active working Hollywood studio environment.

You will learn the fundamentals of sitcom character development, front story, and back story and what makes a story not only funny but also humanistic. In the second week, the workshop becomes patterned after the real life experiences of a creative sitcom television show which follows an episode from a table read to a taping of the show. By show time, you will have gone through the experience of writing and re-writing as you see new jokes and develop new ideas that work for the story and the actors once the project gets on its feet. Finally you will be taping the show on a real set in a real television studio. This workshop is very popular and usually fills quickly. It is a workshop that is high energy, fun and exciting with a lot of laughs. Guests may drop in from time to time who will give you further understanding of sitcom writing and producing and maybe even show you some things about sitcom acting which will help your work as a writer.