What do THE BIG BANG THEORY, BLACK-ISH, YOUNG STANLEY, WILL & GRACE, BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, and MODERN FAMILY have in common? You guessed it! They are all situation comedies! US Performing Arts and Studio School of Los Angeles/LA Center Studios are proud to offer the only Sitcom Acting Camp in the country.

This Sit Com Acting camp is one of the most popular workshops every summer. Taught within an active working Hollywood studio, it focuses on acting in a situation comedy and is significantly different than acting for movies. This workshop teaches actors those differences. Designed for the serious actor, actors learn the structure of sitcoms and how to perform the joke while at the same time playing character that is so very important in sitcom. This workshop collaborates with the Sitcom Writing/Producing/Directing Workshop in the staging and performance of original situation comedies under the guidance and experience of a seasoned professional director in a real studio environment.

Since the beginning the workshop has been led by industry working professionals such as sit com director Mary Lou Belli and award winning actress Conchata Ferrell. This year’s workshop will be no exception. After learning the fundamentals of sitcom character development, physical comedy, and acting timing, the workshop becomes patterned after the real life experiences of a creative sitcom television show which follows an episode from a table read to a taping of the show. By show time, actors will have gone through the experience of reworking a scene at the drop of a hat, adding new dialogue and staging to make it work and finally taping the material on a real set in a real television studio. This workshop is very popular and usually fills quickly. It is a workshop that is high energy, fun and exciting with a lot of laughs from the television studio during the week. Guests may drop in from time to time who will give the sitcom actors new pointers about the art and craft of sitcom acting and discuss what it is like to be in a hit television sitcom series.