This Digital Film Camp is being taught within an active working Hollywood studio by award winning professionals. Basic techniques of digital production and postproduction will be taught while maintaining an understanding of storytelling. Using the same state of the art equipment as the Advanced Digital Filmmaking Workshop, participants will be immersed in the creativity of image storytelling using supportive sound to speak their message through the digital medium. No previous experience is necessary, just a passion for storytelling through images.

Our faculty and our graduate student mentors will push your creativity and visualization with the completion of a digital narrative project which will be shown to an audience by weeks end. This workshop meets on an actual soundstage in the Film, Television and Digital Media Department of the School, and uses the same editing equipment and cameras that Relativity/LA Center Studios students use for their projects. You will experience the creativity that is echoed in the halls of the internationally recognized Relativity/LA Center Studios film school.

The Digital Film Workshop meets on actual soundstages. Students use Canon, Sony, and Panasonic cameras including the hi definition Sony HVR Z1U, Sony AVX2000, and the PANASONIC HVX200 in shooting their movies, as well as the latest version of Final Cut Pro and After Effects editing software. A favorite post production feature for students is the use of the Relativity/LA Center Studios Foley stages following their introduction to the Foley production concept.