This uniquely creative workshop will be taught within an active working Hollywood studio by Hollywood professionals who live and work locally, an advantage that only US Performing Arts can offer. Every USPA workshop is about storytelling and this workshop is no different. Every aspect of the workshop teaches you how costume design enhances the director’s ability to tell the story. You will also learn how your costume design enables the actor to develop an authentic character within the scope of the story. You will learn the basic techniques of costume design for theater and screen. Costume design is a collaborative art and our faculty and support team will nurture your creative vision. You will have the opportunity to share your work with your friends and the community at the end of your two weeks through your sketches, prototypes and filmed performances.

This is a workshop for students with a serious interest in design. The workshop will include film screenings, discussions on the history of Hollywood costume design, visits to Hollywood studio costume shops, and field trips. Hollywood costume designers may drop in as special guests sharing their work and providing students with a “real world” understanding of costuming.

BEHIND THE SEAMS COSTUME WORKSHOP collaborates with the Sit Com Acting and Sit Com Writing, Producing, & Directing Workshop. During the second week of the workshop, you will practice what you have learned and contribute your designs to the television production under the guidance of a professional costume designer.

The BEHIND THE SEAMS COSTUME WORKSHOP provides each student with the exciting opportunity to examine the process of costume design from script to performance as the industry demands today. For ages 15 and above, no previous design experience or knowledge of sewing is necessary.

REQUIREMENT: A passion for storytelling through costume design is a must!