The international reputation for quality education in filmmaking is offered to the more experienced filmmaker through the Advanced Digital Film Camp. The professional faculty is nationally and internationally known with extensive experience as award winning filmmakers specifically in the digital filmmaking medium. Participants must know basic techniques of production, camera operation, and non-linear digital editing. Operating along professional guidelines they are given in-class instruction in areas such as direction of actors, digital cinematography and special effects. They are also introduced to the way the camera can enhance a narrative story in association with performances and will develop their editing skills to further augment their story telling abilities. Using some of the facilities of the Relativity/LA Center Studios Department of Film Television and Digital Media, and state of the art digital film equipment, participants from early morning to the evening hours will have a direct hands-on experience and guidance in sync sound storytelling.

Taught within an active working Hollywood studio, our Advanced Digital Film Workshop is a two week experience and provides more intensive training in such areas as digital cinematography, camera direction, storytelling, and editing and closely mirrors the college experience in a film school. We believe in total immersion in creativity and nurture our participants to be creative while they are at workshop; whether it be in the classroom or in their dorms. The program is headed up by recognized professionals many of whom are award winners in their own right. From time to time, they will be joined by other professionals and faculty who not only have written books on their subjects but who also bring quality and expertise. So if you are planning any one of the two sessions of this camp, make sure you come with stories you want to tell and images you would like to see.

The Advanced Digital Film Workshop meets daily on actual soundstages. Students use Canon, Sony, and Panasonic cameras including the hi definition Sony HVR Z1U, Sony AVX2000, and the PANASONIC HVX200 in shooting their movies, as well as the latest version of Final Cut Pro and After Effects editing software. Depending on availability students will be introduced to the concept of Foley in the post production process and use the Foley stages at Relativity/LA Center Studios.