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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the fulfillment of dreams. You see, I am a dreamer. Anyone who really knows me knows that to be true of me. I see the world through the visions in my mind. Therefor, I cherish dreams. My dreams and your dreams. In fact, I encourage you to dream. BIG dreams and don’t let anyone trample them!

Twelve years ago my partner and I co-founded US Performing Arts to facilitate and promote the dreams of emerging young artists in entertainment. You see, he’s a dreamer too. In fact sometimes his dreams are so big I can’t even comprehend them but I believe in them. Just as I believe in yours.

Getting back to my thoughts on the fulfillment of those dreams, I’ve had lots of years to watch people succeed. I’ve come to realize that those who really succeed are those who learn to believe in themselves and don’t give up. Sometimes the dream is modified. Sometimes the dreamer needs to have a bigger vision. Mostly the dreamer needs someone who inspires and motivates them. They also need someone to guide them. I think that’s where US Performing Arts comes in. Our faculty is incredibly inspiring and motivational but most important they know how to guide and train the dream. It’s the training that underpins and nourishes the dream. It allows it to develop in its own way and keeps it from faltering.

Take a step towards achieving your dream this summer. Reach for new heights and attain a new level. We can help you find the workshop itinerary that is right for you. Give us a call or register online and begin to make your dream come true.

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