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Your college search is a lot like planting a garden. First you till the soil. Then you sow the seeds. Next you weed out unwanted growth and then you reap the harvest!

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. STEM an important trend in education. But, here’s the question. Once all those scientists, techies, engineers, and mathematicians perfect their skills what are they going to do with it? Who’s going to C R E A T E the NEXT…? Don’t we need the “out-of-the-box” thinker to see beyond what is here to…there?

Hard work, determination, grace, poise, humility. Those are the words that describe Rumer Willis and those very characteristics are what makes us proud to call Rumer an alumus of US Performing Arts. Rumer isn’t just a celebrity she is an artist. An artist who understands her craft and ‘stays in the game’ continually stretching herself [...]

Often when explaining to people what I do I will say that I head a company that trains the next generation of artists. Recently somebody asked me to define what an artist is to me. That certainly gave me pause to reflect on my words. I have a concept of what I think makes an [...]

Congratulations to those of you who found your college path early, were motivated to seek Early Admission and have already heard of your acceptance. You can now sit back and encourage your friends through their application…and waiting process. As daunting as the application process can be, I think waiting for the responses is even more [...]

Evergreens…and Good Friends

December 17th, 2014

In show business the phrase “evergreen” is used to mean a production with great audience appeal that can be brought out year after year. Some become an “evergreen” by accident and some are produced to hopefully fulfill that achievement. One that comes quickly to mind as a happy accident is The Wizard of Oz. It [...]

Scholarship Opportunity

October 28th, 2014

Over the years I have had the privilege to work with The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and its scholarship students. I can not speak highly enough of this wonderful organization and the opportunities it gives students to follow their dreams. This might be just the opportunity you need to succeed in taking steps towards fulfilling [...]

College auditions…TV pilot season auditions…Broadway auditions…The list goes on.’Tis the season.In fact, I think the rest of the lyric is ’tis the season to be jolly! “How can I be jolly,” you say? “There is so much riding on this audition!” Let’s shed the stress and fear so that you can go forward to nail [...]

RIP Rob, Laurie and Robin

August 12th, 2014

The family moved into the neighborhood with three teenaged kids. Fresh from Detroit, by way of Chicago, Mississippi, and New Orleans, Rob was handsome, Laurie gorgeous and the kids funny and smart. Even though their children were ten years older than ours, the friendship was quick and easy. Laurie often exchanged stories of her children’s [...]

I dreamt last night of New Year’s Resolutions and it seems that I wasn’t the only one whose subconscious was filled with resolve. Now that 2013 is waning in our thoughts it seems that everywhere and everything I read people are talking about their New Year’s resolutions. Mostly people talk about the same old changes [...]

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