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What Our Customers and Past Campers Say About Us


"USPA helped me in a way that no one else did! not only did they provided me with audition techniques, but most important of all, helped me improve in my singing, acting, and dancing...not to mention how much i grew as a person! that was in 2009! now, as i'm starting my college auditions and applications, USPA came back to me! without asking for their help and guidance, USPA and its faculty guided me and helped me with rec letters and advice, and thanks to them i'm on my way to fulfilling my dreams! I owe a lot to USPA, my happiness and future!" - Eduardo Uribe
"It was an amazing experience!"
University of Illinois - Dance student


"I loved every minute of it!" "
UC Berkeley - Acting for the Camera student


"The staff was excellent. They were good role models for the kids and really knew their stuff."
UC Berkeley - Acting for the Camera parent


"Thank you for having this program. There are so few available. The staff was amazing and very caring. They went above expectations when it came to individual needs... " George Washington University - Musical Theater parent


"Caring, creative and professional atmosphere, a great place to make friends, learn and make contacts"
UCLA student


"The mentors and workshop directors at this location/camp were OUTSTANDING"
George Washington University - Musical Theater student


"I was pleased to know that the security of the participants was well-organized"
George Washington student


"Thank you for providing our son with a very valuable and professional experience"
UCLA Digital Film student


"It was the greatest experience of my life. I learned a year's amount of knowledge in a week and the staff was fantastic!"
Florida State University - Musical Theater student


"The program was extremely educational and very enjoyable. The staff is extremely helpful and patient, they are always willing to go to any length to provide help."
UCLA - Digital Film parent


"I appreciate as a parent that such a program exists to offer a student such a rich experience in an area of interest which will only serve in the most postive manner no matter what the student chooses down the road. The campus (UCLA) was so lovely and the teachers were exceptional. My daughter has had 2 magnificent summers and will hope to have the chance again. Thank you."
UCLA - Acting for the Camera parent


"She had a great time and learned quite a bit of technique."
University of Illinois - Dance parent


"The programs you provide are doing a lot to further the arts in this country. You are reaching so many young people and providing them with a positive experience. My daughter said that she learned a great deal at her camp, but also that it was taught to her in a kind and patient way. Thanks for all you do. I will use your programs again!"
Florida State University - Musical Theater parent


"My daughter couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had. She loved every second she spent there from her dorm room, to the friends she made, to the amazing staff. She can't wait to go again next year!"
Florida State University - Musical Theater parent


"The best program in the whole world!"
Florida State University - Musical Theater student


"In my son's words, 'it was the best experience of my life'. I only wish I had discovered your program earlier. This experience has influenced my son to pursue theater as a college major."
UT Austin - Theater parent


"Please continue these efforts, my daughter has attended many programs from Texas, to L.A. to Europe but I think this was one of the best experiences."
UT Austin - Theater parent


"It was outstanding!"
UT Austin - Theater student


"My child loved Washington, DC camp and staff. Not only did she learn from her instructors, but the supportive atmosphere encouraged her to continue doing what she loves. It was a great place for her first away-from-home experience!"
Washington, DC - Musical Theater parent


"This camp inspired me to keep believing in my dreams. I was sad to leave."
UT Austin - Theater student


"My son loved every minute of the camp and can't wait to come back next year!"
UT Austin - Theater parent


"I had an amazing time. The teachers were so amazing and I learned so much. The staff and counselors were so friendly and helpful. It was much more college like than I expected, which was good. They demanded a lot, but I had so much fun that I didn't mind at all. I only wish that I wouldn't have waited until my senior year in high school to go for the first time. I made a lot of close friends quickly. I'm hooked on acting even more than I was before."
UT Austin - Theater student


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Musical Theater program with USPA! I can't find a negative comment to say. The program was AMAZING as well as the teachers and staff! Keep up everything that you're doing. I loved it :)"
Florida State University - Musical Theater student


"Having never been part of knowing anyone who had been in the program, the check-in process, the friendliness of the staff and the orientation program gave me immediate confidence of the quality of the people that my daughter would be spending her week."
George Washington University - parent


"Thanks for the instruction. Too many programs are just worried about the performance at the end. Good teachers and staff."
George Washington University - Musical Theater parent


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